About us

Swim wild. Swim free. Swim safe.

Born out of a passion for open water swimming, we created Sure Swimmer for those who love the freedom of wild swimming. 

As seasoned open water swimmers ourselves, we get it. Nothing beats the early morning plunge. The sense of adventure. The back-to-nature feeling.

And to keep doing what we love, we need to do it safely.

That’s why we stock industry-leading Swim Secure products, including high-quality, high-visibility tow floats, dry bags and accessories that are designed to keep you safe and seen while open water swimming. 

While our tow floats will help you stay visible, our dry bags provide waterproof protection for your belongings, with many that double up as an inflatable tow float (without your gear inside).

Finished in a number of bright colours that make you easy to spot, our products are ideal for open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers and everyone in between.

Our Mission

It’s simple: to keep you safer and more visible when swimming in open water. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing it for years, we want to equip you with reliable swimming gear that helps you stay seen, so you can swim more freely, more safely. 

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