The Best Spots for Wild Swimming in Surrey

The county of Surrey lies in the south of England, just under the city of London. Full of quaint little villages, pretty towns like Guildford, and areas of outstanding natural beauty like the Surrey Hills, there is something for everyone in Surrey. If you’re looking for your next open water swimming spot in Surrey, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best places to try out on your next wild swim.

Swimming in open water always comes with its dangers, but these risks can be reduced as long as you follow safety precautions.

Buckland Park Lake

  • Location: Betchworth
  • Price: £10
  • Swim course length: 400m
  • Requirements: Bright coloured swim hat or tow float/bag

Buckland Park Lake is run by the Surrey Hills Adventure Company (SHAC) and is open all year round for open water swimming. The deepest this spring-fed lake gets is 3m with a gentle slope into the water at one side for easy entry and exit. As you swim the 400m circuit around this lake, you’ll be greeted by beautiful views of the surrounding white cliffs and wildlife. With a lifeguard on site and facilities like changing rooms and toilets, this is a great venue for safe wild swimming. 

Ferris Meadow Lake

  • Location: Shepperton
  • Price: £6
  • Swim course length: 400m & 750m
  • Requirements: Bright coloured swim hat

Similar to Buckland Park Lake, Ferris Meadow Lake is open all year round for wild swimming with a lifeguard on site and a gentle sloping entry into the lake. However, unlike Buckland, Ferris Meadow Lake is used only for open water swimming, not other watersports. Managed by Shepperton Open Water Swim, you must pre-book to swim here. New swimmers at this venue will be required to complete an induction but this should only take a couple of minutes.

Thorpe Lakes

  • Location: Chertsey
  • Price: £9
  • Swim course length: 225m, 400m, 800m, & 1.3km
  • Requirements: Bright coloured swim hat

Just round the corner from the theme park Thorpe Park, you’ll find Thorpe Lakes. Here there is a lake dedicated just to open water swimming with a choice of 4 different swim distances. There’s also a 3km running track alongside the lake, ideal for anyone wanting to combine their swim with a run or for those training for a triathlon event. This venue is open between April and September with a lifeguard on site and you must pre-book your sessions before arriving for your swim.

Divers Cove

  • Location: Godstone
  • Price: £9.90
  • Swim course length: 450m & 650m
  • Requirements: Bright coloured swim hat (not green). Wetsuit in water under 16°C and a wetsuit or tow float/bag in water over 16°C

Divers Cove is a 7.5 acre reservoir that offers supervised open water swimming sessions. The facilities at this venue are excellent with lockers to store your belongings while on your swim, heated changing rooms and showers to help you warm up after your swim, and a cafe to refuel or socialise with your swimming friends.

The requirements for swimming here vary depending on the water temperature. You must always pre-book your swim and wear a colourful swim cap that isn’t green. Wetsuits are compulsory when the water temperature drops below 16°C. But if you’re swimming when the water is warmer than 16°C, you can use a tow float or dry bag instead of wearing a wetsuit.

Frensham Great Pond

  • Location: Frensham

Do you enjoy a sunny day at the beach? In landlocked Surrey, you wouldn’t think you’d be able to find a beach. However, there is a beach at Frensham Great Pond. Although it’s not your typical beach that looks out across the vast ocean, you do get a great view across the lake.

Frensham Great Pond is managed by the National Trust and has onsite toilets and a cafe for some refreshments after your swim (or throughout your beach day). There are 2 areas marked out with buoys in the lake that are safe for swimming. The deepest the water gets in these areas is 1.4m, ideal for wild swimming novices or those swimming with children.

Silent Pool

  • Location: Albury

In the Surrey countryside, south-east of Guildford, is the spring-fed lake called Silent Pool. Located next to Silent Pool Gin Distillery and car park, Silent Pool lake is free to swim in. Surrounded by trees and nature, this lake is often shaded from the harsh summer sun, creating a peaceful place to enjoy a dip and cool off in the warmer months. 

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