Swim Secure Tow Float Review

As open water swimming enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important it is to be safe and seen in the water. This week we tested Swim Secure’s Tow Float and have created this useful review of our experience including our tips on using the float, what we liked best, and what its drawbacks are.

Swim Secure

Swim Secure produces some of the best open water swimming products on the market. From tow floats and dry bags to accessories including swim caps, safety lights and nose clips, Swim Secure has it all. Making open water swimming safer whether you’re new to wild swimming, have years of experience or enjoy taking part in races and competitions.

How does the Tow Float Work?

We found the tow float really easy to use. It was quick and easy to inflate and deflate with the one way valve. You just need to remember to leave space for both chambers to be reasonably inflated (so don’t over inflate the first chamber like we initially did). We found that deflating the float was easiest and quickest by pushing the valve with the back of the valve cap at a 45 degree angle.

At first we struggled with attaching the waist belt and leash to the float. But this turned out to be quite simple. Here is how we did it:

  1. Thread one end of the leash through the tow float handle and through the loop on the other end of the leash.
  2. Then you can slide the loop down the leash, creating a knot around the handle.
  3. Feed one end of your belt through the leash loop that isn’t attached to the handle and fasten the belt around your waist.

The tow float is such a convenient size and is so lightweight that it’s easy to carry to and from the water. We also forgot that we had them with us in the water as they created so little drag and only affected our swim once when there was a strong gust of wind. But the float quickly returned to its original position floating above our knees after a couple of swim strokes.

Who the Tow Float Is For?

This tow float would work well for any open water swimmer, but it’s particularly ideal for experienced swimmers or for taking to open water competitions. It has all the features needed for safe open water swimming without the extras that experienced swimmers just don’t need. 

The bright colours make you more visible and it can provide buoyancy support in the water. However, Swim Secure does clearly state that buoyancy support is not the purpose of this product and should not be relied upon. But it is comforting to know that in an emergency, that extra support is available while you wait for help to arrive.


  • Size of deflated float: 41cm x 32cm float size (compact and lightweight).
  • Adjustable belt length: 58cm to 108cm (additional waist belts available).
  • Both the bright orange and bright pink increase your visibility in the water. Especially important around watercraft, other swimmers and in case you need help.
  • Made from pvc: Strong and durable.
  • Little to no drag.
  • Easy and quick to inflate and deflate due to the one way valve.
  • Two air chambers makes getting a puncture not a problem.
  • Can be used to support an adult's weight in an emergency.
  • Area for emergency contact details.


No bag or pocket

As we are experienced open water swimmers, we don’t feel the need to bring a water bottle or energy snack with us on our swim. We also usually have a friend who stays on the beach who looks after the car keys. However, not having a dry bag compartment or mesh pocket on the bag would be an issue if we didn’t have a friend who could look after our keys. 

But if I did ever go out swimming without a friend on land, it wouldn’t put me off using the float. I would just wear a bum bag as well as the tow float so I could bring my keys with me instead of hiding them on the beach and risking them being stolen.

Visibility in Bad Weather 

This tow float (whether you get it in the orange or pink) is bright with the purpose of making you more visible in the water. Our friend was able to spot us from the beach for most of our swim. However, when the weather started to get a bit windy and the sea started to get a bit choppy, due to the smaller size of the tow float, our friend struggled to spot us at times.

Price Comparison

  • Swim Secure Tow Float - RRP £22.00.
  • Dippy Wild Swimming Float - RRP £24.99.
  • Zone3 Swim Safety Tow Float - RRP £22.50.
  • Puffin Swim Tow Float - RRP £21.99.

Do we Recommend Swim Secure’s Tow Float?

Overall, we loved Swim Secure’s Tow Float and will continue to take our floats with us on our swims. They made us safer and more visible in the water and met all of our needs as experienced open water swimmers.

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