Swim Secure Dry Bag Review

I love open water swimming but I hate having to leave my possessions on land. Luckily I usually drive to my swim location so I can leave most of my belongings in my car. However, this means that after my swim I have to walk from the water to my car before I can get my towel, warm hat and change of clothes. It also means I have to find somewhere to hide my car keys on land while I’m in the water. I hate not knowing whether I’ll come out of the water and find my keys and car missing.

I’ve been open water swimming for about a year now and when I started, my friend gave me her old tow float. As it was second hand, it only lasted me a year before getting a puncture. But I loved having something with me in the water that made me really stand out and offered support if I needed a rest. So when mine broke I decided to buy a new one. But this time I decided to get a dry bag so I could bring my belongings with me instead of struggling like I have been.

The only difference between a tow float and dry bag is that a dry bag has an internal compartment which keeps your belongings safe and dry in the water. So I did some research and decided to go for the Swim Secure Dry Bag. And it was the best decision I could’ve made.


  • Colour options: orange, pink, citrus
  • Size options: 20L, 28L, 35L, 50L
  • Internal dry chamber
  • Double inflation bag system
  • One way inflation valve
  • Waist belt and leash attachment
  • Belt length: 58cm - 108cm
  • Front and back handles


Quick and Easy to Inflate and Deflate

I thought it might take longer to inflate this dry bag as it has two air chambers. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once I’ve put my belongings inside the dry bag, the one way valves make it really quick and easy to inflate the two chambers without worrying about any air escaping. Deflating the bag is just as quick and easy. The back of the valve cap is designed to be the perfect size and shape to press the valves and release the air.

Strong and Durable

One of my favourite features of this dry bag is the double air bag system as it makes this bag sturdy and durable. My last tow float suffered a puncture which I didn’t notice until I was in the water and the bag fully deflated. With the swim secure dry bag, if I ever suffer a puncture again, the second air chamber will keep my bag (and all my belongings) afloat so I can safely get back to land.

Increases my Visibility in the Water

Visibility is one of the main purposes of having a dry bag and is vital for your safety. Available in pink, citrus and orange, the Swim Secure Dry Bag is perfect for making you as visible as possible in the water. I have a friend who uses a pink float and I’ve seen swimmers using citrus and orange floats at my local open water swimming lake. All of which are very visible, even from a far distance away. I opted for the orange dry bag so that it would match my swim cap.

Comfortable and Easy to Attach

The Swim Secure Dry Bag uses the traditional attachment style of a leash and waist belt. I found this easy to attach to the bag and it was comfortable to wear. The waist belt is adjustable and additional waist belts can be added to fit swimmers of any size. The leash is not adjustable which I thought might be an issue. However, the leash is the perfect length so doesn’t need to be adjustable. It kept my bag floating near me without affecting my swim stroke (and it’s so lightweight, even with my belongings in it).

Keeps my Belongings Dry

Trusting your belongings in the water is scary. Especially when you’re risking expensive and important items like your phone and car keys. On my first swim with my Swim Secure Dry Bag, all I brought in the bag was a small spare towel to test the seal. It passed the test with flying colours. No water had managed to get through the seal. I now put everything I need in my bag, including my phone and my car keys as I know I can trust that they will be kept safe and dry.


Risk of Moisture Inside the Bag

If not cared for properly, moisture inside your dry bag can cause big issues. So far I’ve not had any issues with moisture inside my Swim Secure Dry Bag, but I still make sure to fully air out the inside of the bag after every swim. This will ensure my bag stays functional and in its best condition for longer.

Range of Sizes Only Available in Orange

The Swim Secure dry bag is available in three colours and four sizes. However, only the orange bag comes in all four sizes. The pink and citrus bags only come in the 28L size. Some people might be disappointed about this. However, I think the 28L (the size of my bag) is a great size, whether I’m going for a quick dip or a longer swim hike. If you really need to carry more with you, orange is one of the best (if not THE best) colour you can use for being visible in the water. And if you want a small dry bag to just bring your phone or keys with you and you really don’t want orange, the pink tow donut might be a good option for you.

Price Comparison

When I was looking to buy my dry bag, I compared the Swim Secure Dry Bag to other bags. I’m glad I went with Swim Secure as it’s high-quality and a great price.

Swim Secure 28L Dry Bag - RRP £31

Puffin Billy 28L Dry Bag Float - RRP £30.99

Ultra Dry 28L Swim Buoy - RRP £34.99

My Thoughts

Overall, I’m very happy that I decided to get the Swim Secure Dry Bag. It’s high quality, keeps all of my belongings safe and dry, ensures I’m visible in the water and doesn’t get in my way when I’m swimming.

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